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ScaleTx, spearheaded by the seasoned HR strategist Brad Voorhees, is dedicated to empowering businesses with the tools and insights to scale their talent experience practices. With over 15 years of cross-industry leadership experience, we specialize in transforming HR departments to become growth catalysts for your business.

Our Approach

Our approach begins with understanding your unique business goals for the upcoming years and identifying the HR challenges that stand in your way. From talent acquisition to employee engagement, we tailor a comprehensive talent strategy that encompasses legal compliance, HR technology, performance management, and more, ensuring a seamless alignment with your business objectives.

Brad Voorhees


Brad Voorhees is the cornerstone of ScaleTx, bringing a wealth of experience with over 15 years in leadership roles and a track record of building and scaling HR departments from the ground up. His expertise lies in providing strategic guidance, hands-on leadership, and mentorship, driving HR departments to become instrumental in organizational growth.

Past customers include:

Our Core Values


Sustainable - By creating sustainable HR practices your talent experience will be continual as you scale.
Client-Centric - Prioritizing client success and satisfaction, always.
Adaptability - We know the needs of your business shift, being adaptable to shift with you is part of our value.
Learning - We embrace a learning culture, both personally and professionally.
Expertise - Demonstrating deep HR knowledge and practical experience, adding value to your organization.

Advisory Services

Get expert guidance on key HR functions and pain points, unlimited support, and mentorship for up to two junior HR staff.

  • Strategic Conversations

  • Tactical Advice

  • Compliance Safe

Fractional Services

Includes all Advisory Services plus interim Head of People responsibilities, direct management of multiple workstreams, and participation in executive meetings and offsites.

  • Tailored Custom Solutions

  • Department Leadership

  • HR Workflow Management

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